Friday, August 1, 2014

august 1, 2014


mystery science theater 3000 is a tv show about a guy and his two robot friends on a spaceship who are forced by mad scientists to watch old cheesy movies as a psychological experiment. to maintain their sanity, they just talk on top of the movie and make jokes the whole time. this box set gives you four great episodes, each one featuring a classic feature of B-cinema. but don't get excited if you see that XXX and think this might have pornography. shout! factory is simply employing roman numerals to title their video releases in this series, which is now up to thirty. but this show is way better than pornography anyway, in terms of comical film commentary.

this compilation collects an assortment of comics from the batman animated series universe. you get batman adventures #2 and #27, batman: gotham adventures #2 and #4, and a short tale from adventures in the dc universe #3. and at $7.99, it's definitely a few bucks pricier than your typical comic book, but you get your paper's worth at 100 pages. that's more content than two regular comic books for the same price, and you get to scope out some of the best batman shit from the 1990s, containing such monster talent as paul dini, ty templeton, kelley puckett, bruce timm, and terry beatty. you won't see that kinda roster in this week's guardians of the galaxy #17.

speaking of which, guardians of the galaxy is the tenth film of the marvel cinematic universe and penultimate installment of "phase two" (which will culminate with next may's the avengers: age of ultron). usually it's hard to enjoy marvel movies that only focus on one main character, because for the whole movie, you're wondering, why don't they just call hulk? but guardians of the galaxy will not have that problem, because they're out in space. so like, they can't even call hulk.

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